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7 tips for your online store during Black Friday and Cyber Monday

As the days grow shorter and the holiday season approaches, Black Friday is now the prime moment for online retailers to shine with spectacular deals, as well on Cyber Monday. This blog provides seven tips to help you make Black Friday and Cyber Monday a commercial success.


Why Start Implementing Actions within Your Customer Data Platform Now?

Generic marketing campaigns can never achieve optimal results in this field of individualized desires. Especially on special days like Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there are opportunities to offer customers deals tailored to their personal preferences. With proper preparation in configuring your Customer Data Platform (CDP), you can create an enticing customer experience that can go down in the record books. Starting early is essential as many consumers begin researching possible purchases as early as October.

In this blog, you'll find seven tips to optimize your webshop for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

1. Learn from Previous Years (and Adjust Your Strategy)

If you're already using a CDP like Datatrics or have been gathering customer data from platforms like Google Analytics in recent years, the data you possess can invaluable. Speaking about that data, what lessons can you learn from previous holiday seasons? What were the peak moments in your shop, and which products or deals performed well? Were there any discernible trends, and do they apply to this year? How did different visitor segments perform in comparison to each other?

Our experience shows that this data is essential for planning future campaigns, especially during holiday periods like Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Furthermore, it may be smarter to invest more energy in Cyber Monday due to increasing competition around Black Friday.

Black Friday behaviour analysis
Review performance from previous years to plan future Black Friday campaigns.


2. Appeal to Shoppers' Emotions

The limited timeframe of Black Friday and Cyber Monday instills a sense of urgency in online shoppers, making them more responsive to special offers and scarcity. Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) is notorious for making consumers susceptible to limited-time bargains, exclusive deals, and limited stock.

With the help of a CDP like Datatrics, you can use expiring timers for items, connect to real-time inventory, display flash sales, or offer special VIP deals to returning or high-converting visitors.

Countdown timer
Use countdown timers to increase the sense of urgency.


3. Intensify the Focus on Mobile Usage

Is shopping more convenient from a mobile device or a computer? Research from the online platform Gitnux shows that an increasing number of consumers prefer smartphones or tablets. 79% of online sessions on webshops come from mobile devices, highlighting the importance of optimizing your shop for mobile use.

A CDP can assist in optimizing target audiences and campaigns for different mobile user segments. This allows you to enrich the mobile user experience with exclusive mobile content and make informed decisions about adjustments to the mobile version of your webshop based on mobile user feedback.

Mobile targeting
From within Datatrics you can target content exclusively to mobile devices.

4. Use Lookalike Targeting

During these peak periods for webshops, you'll encounter a more diverse range of visitors than usual. While the chances of high sales are higher, you're also likely to convert visitors to paying customers less frequently without proper optimization. It's probable that your loyal customers will make more significant purchases during this period.

To capitalize on the buying behavior of this loyal customer group, create a lookalike audience specifically for Black Friday or Cyber Monday based on existing data points. This way, a CDP like Datatrics can use existing data to predict promising behaviors and increase conversions.

Lookalike Targeting
Use lookalike targeting to create new segments based on succesful earlier campaigns.

5. Seize Omnichannel Opportunities - Especially Now

Using omnichannel marketing, which involves using various channels to communicate with customers, is a proven method to enhance the customer experience. Think of receiving a push notification on your phone with a personalized offer when you pass by a physical store or getting a product catalog with the latest fashion trends just as people start changing their wardrobes for the season due to the weather.

Even online, a CDP like Datatrics offers numerous possibilities to surprise customers through various channels with offers or suggestions. You can, for example, send emails with offers to those who made purchases on your webshop last year or set up special promotions for visitors landing on your store pages through social media during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Recommendation mails
Datatrics let's you create mails with personalised content, based on website behaviour.


6. Prioritize Email and Social Media

Research shows that more and more consumers rely on social media for their purchases. Platforms like X, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat are becoming increasingly important as sales channels year after year. Email remains a powerful and popular channel for consumer purchase research. With a CDP like Datatrics, you can utilize these channels effectively by creating retargeting campaigns for visitors who abandon their digital shopping carts during checkout.

Using Datatrics, you can include the last-viewed items within the webshop and cart contents in a newsletter sent to these customers. Even for visitors without known email addresses, you can display the products in their social media timelines through remarketing.

If a visitor didn't convert from within the website, you can create lists to retarget them from social networks and search engines.

7. Add Social Proof

People prefer to buy from other people. This age-old wisdom may sound like a cliché, but it's still relevant. Even in the modern era of digital marketing, consumers trust their peers more than companies. Therefore, it's a good idea to experiment with 'social proof,' or data from other shoppers that provide information about the items in your webshop.

This can include displaying information about how many people have already purchased an item, showing product ratings in content, or featuring quotes from product experts. Data shows that this approach works. According to research by Nielsen, the majority of people (70%) accept recommendations from people they don't know.

Social proof
Bolster your efforts and try to persuade shoppers by adding social proof elements to products.

Make the Most of this Unique Period

Ultimately, it's the combination of technology (a CDP) and smart strategic application that can lead to success. CDPs like Datatrics offer marketers the opportunity to maximize Black Friday and Cyber Monday through segmentation, personalization, and data analysis. We hope that these 7 tips will be helpful during this busy period. A well-integrated CDP enables you to better understand customers and reach out with the right offer at the right time. The insights gained during these days can also help you achieve higher conversions and better customer relationships during regular periods.