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Datatrics acquired by Spotler Group

Datatrics has officially joined the Spotler Group, a leading player in digital marketing and communication technology. This acquisition positions Datatrics as part of Squeezely, a growing platform that had previously strengthened its presence through the acquisitions of Shopping Minds and Sooqr earlier this year. Existing customers will be gradually transitioned to Squeezely's Customer Data Platform (CDP).


With this strategic acquisition, the Spotler Group bolsters its position in digital marketing, offering its customers a promising future perspective. The companies' combined expertise within the Spotler portfolio and Datatrics unlocks new opportunities, enabling customers to better understand their target audiences and offer more effective personalized web and e-commerce services.

"It's great to find a new home with Datatrics within an international conglomerate that has certainly earned its reputation in e-commerce," says Harm Jansen, CEO of Datatrics. "This acquisition ensures the continuity of what we have successfully been doing and provides customers with additional possibilities in areas such as omnichannel marketing and conversion optimization."

Customer onboarding

Datatrics and Spotler are committed to minimizing the impact on existing customers. For them, little will change, except that they can benefit from further investments in technology and support by the Spotler Group. "As a customer, you can continue to rely on the high quality of service and innovative technology you've become familiar with," says Jansen. Colleagues will contact all customers in the coming months to discuss the changes in a personal conversation.

"I'm delighted to welcome our new colleagues and customers," says Tim Hoefnagel, Managing Director of Squeezely. "This acquisition accelerates our mission to build world-class solutions and collaborate with the best e-commerce companies. It's a significant step forward as we expand our market presence." For businesses considering starting with Datatrics, this acquisition opens up new doors to a broader range of marketing solutions and services offered by Spotler, all with a strong focus on data-driven marketing strategies.

More information?

For more information about the acquisition and its benefits, please read the press release on Of course, you can also reach out to us! Datatrics remains committed to empowering you to increase conversions with AI-powered technology.