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Introducing Datatrics Analytical: Empowering marketers with self-service business analytics

It’s every data specialist’s dream: surfacing actionable customer insights from first-party data through unlimited query and filter options you can set up yourself and bring to life in stunning visualizations. Thanks to Datatrics Analytical, this dream has become a reality for Datatrics clients. In this interview, Bas Nieland, founder of Datatrics, explains how this brand-new add-on revolutionizes data analysis for marketing teams and data specialists.


What exactly is Datatrics’ newest software component, Analytical, and why all the excitement?

‘Analytical is an add-on to our software, specially designed for users who want to gain more insights from their data. With Analytical, you can analyze and visualize your sales figures, product categories, inventory management, conversions and any other database you have to deal with as a marketer or data specialist. It allows you to unleash any query you might have on your data. You can take this tool in any direction; it stays easy to use and explore. Of course, you do need a working knowledge of data processing, but it takes just five minutes to set up a dashboard!’

What new possibilities does Analytical offer for analyzing data?

‘The possibilities are actually endless. You can enter your own queries and filters, and then follow them in real-time dynamic dashboards. For example, are there patterns to discover in the data in addition to the insights that Datatrics automatically provides? Are certain customer segments more or less active when the weather changes? Or, which products perform better in which regions? You can enter each query or KPI that is relevant to your marketing and then stay up to date on the answers through the dashboard - with reports and notifications - you set up.’


How can this add-on be combined with the other Datatrics software?

‘User-friendliness is one of the most important requirements our software must meet. This becomes harder to achieve when users have to switch software programs while working with data. Analytical can be used in the same environment you use to manage your customer data and send your content. It is literally an extra tab in our software, with the intuitive and simple interface our customers are used to.’

"A BI tool in a CDP – it’s a unique combination. It’s how we bring together the best of both worlds."

Bas Nieland, Founder of Datatrics

So, it’s actually a Business Intelligence tool within your existing Customer Data Platform. What are the main benefits?

‘It certainly is a unique combination: we are combining the best of both worlds. The disadvantage of linking an external BI tool is that you store data in two different places. With our add-on, you work in the same software, so everything gets saved in one data warehouse. Not only does that make things easier, it also allows less room for errors and is more cost-effective.

A second advantage is that it is ‘actionable’, a quality that does not apply to external tools. Besides linking data, you can also act on it based on the dashboards, charts and results you have obtained. This means that after your analysis, you can immediately use the data to create new content and segments.’


Who will especially benefit from this tool?

‘Most of our users are happy with our accessible CDP. Larger marketing and data teams can get to the point where they start to lose sight of all the data they have, so the need arises for more insight and for performing their own analyses. Do-it-yourself dashboards on which you can immediately act are an ideal solution. Analytical is also very useful for companies that want to improve collaboration within their marketing department. Data marketers can easily share their insights via dashboards or reports, and marketing colleagues can then use that information to create a campaign in the same software.’

"The demand from data-driven organizations for understandable, easy-to-use tools such as Analytical is growing and will continue to grow."

Bas Nieland, Founder of Datatrics

To what extent do you notice a change in the marketing world, showing a greater need for more in-depth data analysis software?

‘I see that the world of marketing is maturing. A few years ago, being data-driven was still new, but now it is becoming the norm. As a result, the number of marketing teams that work with data is growing and these teams want to be able to do more with their data themselves: things like analyzing raw data, building dashboards, and getting insights. The demand from data-driven organizations for understandable, easy-to-use tools such as Analytical is growing. And I expect to see it continuing to grow in the coming years.’

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