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Datatrics appoints Harm Jansen as new CEO

Enschede, January 2023 - Datatrics, a business unit of Growens, appoints Harm Jansen as CEO as of January 1, 2023. Jansen brings over 15 years of sales and management experience in the software industry. His appointment has strengthened the leadership team and lays the foundations to further expand Datatrics’ market position as a leading self-service Customer Data Platform for mid-sized consumer marketing teams.


As a SaaS veteran, Jansen has had an impressive career in the software industry, enjoying various sales, marketing and management positions. As Head of Sales in 2021 and Chief Revenue Officer in 2022, Jansen was instrumental in building Datatrics’ customer-facing departments from the ground up. Jansen follows in the footsteps of Datatrics founder Bas Nieland, who remains involved in product innovation at Datatrics.

Bas Nieland, founder of Datatrics: "In recent years, we heavily invested in creating the core of our game-changing customer data platform and becoming a recognised player in the market. After being the founding CEO for a decade, I think both Datatrics and I are ready for the next phase. Therefore, I am excited that Harm will use his experience and network to lead Datatrics into the next growth phase."

Self-service Customer Data Platform

Jansen will focus on further growth and international expansion of Datatrics in the coming years. "Thanks to the development of our platform, Datatrics has an excellent starting position for the coming years. We will continue working on our strategy’s three main pillars. First, we meet the needs of users that are becoming increasingly sophisticated in marketing technology with new features/modules, such as our new BI module Datatrics Analytical. This module allows marketers to surface actionable insights and drill into omnichannel data including customers, content, and channels. Moreover, we will further expand our self-service proposition to provide marketing teams with an even more accessible and intuitive Customer Data Platform. Enabling them to take control of their first-party data while minimizing the need for external help or in-house programming skills. Lastly, our customer-centric approach ensures we prioritize our customer’s needs in every decision we make and at the core of every new product development.”

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