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The advantages of marketing automation for the customer journey


Today’s prospects have higher demands than ever before. To catch a lead’s eye, interest and engage them, gain their trust, and convert them into customers, is a challenge. That is why, for today’s marketers, personalization is the name of the game. The personalization trend is everywhere, from health and fitness to the automotive industry – from leisure to e-commerce. If you want to turn your prospects into returning customers, you need to be able to offer personalized customer journeys built on engaging, relevant, and personal content. And that is where marketing automation comes in.

What is marketing automation?

In simple terms, marketing automation is the process of integrating software that automates specific marketing actions within your company. Most automated marketing tools work across all of your channels. Typically, these include your website and its e-commerce and messaging system, social media, and email.

An example of marketing automation

Here is a simple example of what you can do with marketing automation:

If a customer sends you a message using a form on your website, it may take time for you to get back to them if you reply manually. With marketing automation, you can have a personalized response sent automatically, referencing, for example, the prospects’ name in the subject line. It is a solution that will save you time and humanize the process for your customer. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of what is achievable with marketing automation.

Four advantages of marketing automation

So what are the key benefits of marketing automation? Here are four crucial advantages for you and your company:

1. Save time

By automating your marketing process, you can spend time developing your business in other areas, while the automated processes generate leads, gather vital data, and promote conversion for you.

2. Increase your ROI

From nurturing leads with automated emails, such as special birthday offers, to gathering key information about new prospects and providing them with tailored content, marketing automation used effectively will raise your return on investment (ROI).

3. Offer your customers a personalized experience

By providing your prospects with a personalized and humanized experience – including accurate product recommendations to tailored content based on, for example, their location – you can offer them what they need when they need it, nurturing their relationship with you.

4. Collect key data to help you know your customers

By gathering and analyzing data about your prospects’ habits, preferences, and behaviors across your site, you can build accurate profiles, lead scores, and predict their behavior, helping you to create an optimized customer journey

Where marketing automation fits into the customer journey

Your customer journey, also known as a buyer or user journey, is an integral part of your company. It gives you the chance to understand, and potentially tweak, the way customers experience your brand: from initial exposure and interest to trust, engagement, and eventually purchase and retention. Across each step, touchpoints are vital moments in which a customer comes into contact with your brand.

With marketing automation, you can create exciting personalized customer journeys that grab your prospects and keep them engaged. An effective marketing automation solution will have an impact across every step of the journey.

Marketing automation, data, and the customer journey

One of the value adders of marketing automation is that it can be used in tandem with customer data. Think of all the characteristics that define a customer’s relationship to your company, from where they are from, what they look at, what pages they spend time on, and other behaviors. By collecting this kind of information about visitors on your site, you can build up an approximate image of them. In broader terms, these can be used to automatically segment your prospects into groups with an Artificial Intelligence algorithm. At Datatrics, we call these segments 360-degree customer profiles . With these in place, customers visiting your website will instantly be shown dynamic content tailored to their buyer profile. By showing customers what they want, when they want it, you will be more likely to catch their eye, gain their trust, and eventually, make a sale.

A streamlined customer journey: from prospect to post-purchase referral

Each step of the customer journey plays an important role in your online success. Here are a few ways in which you can take advantage of marketing automation every step of the customer journey:

Exposure and Awareness

Targeted and personalized ads

With AI tools, you can purchase advertisements based on information gleaned from large-scale behavior analysis and profile prediction. This means you are more likely to reach the right prospect at the right time with the right content on their preferred channel.

Lead scoring and lookalike marketing:

To ensure that you only follow up with valuable leads, the algorithm can find and recommend the highest value prospects, based on specific factors. You can also target prospects with similar customer profiles, or lookalikes. This will help you extend your reach and generate more traffic.

Engagement and Interest

Product Recommendations

With an accurate product recommendation system, based on the audience segment, you can show prospects the products that they are more likely to purchase. This is a convenient and humanizing approach to e-commerce – and one that your prospects will appreciate.

Predictive buyer profiles for enhanced ROI

By automatically offering prospects one-to-one personalized offers, content, and recommendations tailored to predictive fields based on their buyer profile, you are more likely to persuade them and raise your conversion rate.


Deliver assistance to consumers

If a customer requires help on your website, you can deliver quick and instant support with AI chatbots. This is a way to ensure that prospects feel seen and heard, no matter their problem.

Reminder emails

If a prospect has placed an item in their basket, you can automatically send out a personalized reminder with an offer, nudging them to complete their purchase.


Customizable follow-up

After purchase, the next step is retention and potential referral. By following up with personalized emails, reminders, offers, or other content tailored to their buyer profile, you can help to nurture the relationship with your buyers, making sure they become customers for life.

Marketing automation: an essential tool

By adopting marketing automation, you can enhance the customers’ experience of your website and brand, transforming a basic website visit into a personal and human interaction. With the upgrades that marketing automation offers, you can boost your relationship with customers, save time, and improve your ROI. And with real-time and automatic updates, you can ensure that your understanding of your prospects is always up-to-date.

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