Abandoned cart based on cart value

With the abandoned cart hybrid flow based on your customer's cart value you can draw cart abandoners back to your store to buy the item's they have previously put in their shopping carts based on a certain value.

With our hybrid campaign functionality you have the option to create your own email flow based on tons of targeting options and choices that can be used that will certainly meet your needs.

Next to creating the ideal flow, you can create a mail template exactly to your liking. With these functionalities you can gently push the customer in the back and certainly convince them to buy the products they have left within their shopping cart


To create a email flow based on a certain cart value, simply create a hybrid flow campaign, start with a website trigger, and target this on the value of the shopping cart. You can then further create the flow to your liking and create the mailtemplate that suits your demands. When these steps are completed, you can end the flow with a stop, and you are good to go!

* To use this functionality we do need to track abandoned carts with our enhanced ecommerce script and DNS settings need to be verified.