Segmentation & Targeting

Create customer segments to offer personalized experiences and reach more lookalikes

With our self-learning algorithm using your growing data flow to generate new and more accurate customer profiles, the next value adder is the creation of segments, or groups. You can rely on the algorithm to define segments for you and also manually create your own. Newcomers are automatically matched to a segment. The profiles are used to enlarge your reach by approaching lookalikes across different channels.


Key Features

Create customer segments to offer personalised experiences and reach more lookalikes

Read about the key features of Segmentation & Targeting.


Lookalike targeting

Generate more web traffic and enlarge your reach with advertisements targeting only ‘most likely’ lookalike audiences


Be relevant

Raise your conversion rate by giving customers highly personalised and timely offers and experiences


Across multiple channels

Connect meaningfully with clearly defined groups and individuals across multiple channels


Continuously up to date

Customers who no longer match a specific ruling are automatically re-profiled, so that your segmentation is continuously up to date

How it works

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