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5 Black Friday personalization tips for online retailers


The impact of COVID-19 on online retail has been big. Mostly because of quarantine restrictions, consumers could not get out of the house so the demand for online shopping of physical items was imposed.

As expected in 2020, Black Friday would peak more compared to other years as retailers placed their Black Friday deals online and people shopped from home. Black Friday has been growing immensely over the past years in the Netherlands and especially in 2020, due to COVID-19, it gained more popularity. Not only did Black Friday rise up in the Netherlands, so did Cyber Monday. This means that one weekend is turning into the most profitable time of the year for online retailers. Not only in the Netherlands but worldwide. 

Klarna, who works with more than 20,000 Dutch webshops and 200,000+ webshops worldwide, noticed that the transactional volume in the Netherlands almost doubled in 2020 compared to the Black Week in 2019. Globally it was five times higher than on an average day. Also iDeal, the Dutch standard for internet payments, estimatedly had almost 50% more online purchases done during Black Friday in 2020 compared to the same period in 2019. At the actual in-store shopping counters there was a decrease of pin payments during Black Friday 2020 of about 10% compared to 2019.

It is safe to say that also this year Black Friday will be a time that you, as an online retailer, should be well prepared for. That is why we would like to provide you with our personalization tips to make sure your Black Friday will become a huge success.

1. Create a dedicated Landing Page for Black Friday

Landing pages are great to generate visitor’s information, improve SEO, drive traffic to your website and target your audience. If used correctly, it is a great way to generate valuable leads as they are already showing interest in your site. It also gives your Black Friday deals a place to stand out on their own.

With the correct call-to-action (CTA), a landing page could collect data about your prospects. With third-party cookies fading away, this is a great way to collect valuable insights from your target audience.

2. Send Black Friday themed emails to the correct audience

Black Friday is a busy period for both online retailers as consumers. As an online shop owner, you are working your way around the clock to make sure your offers are seen by potential customers and eventually bought. Consumers, on the other hand, receive tons of incentives to be literally lured to a specific online retailer.

Sending emails is a great way to get the desired exposure during these hectic days. It is a very powerful tool to draw attention to your promotions. However, there are some points to keep in mind before you start your email marketing:

  1. Send a clear, simple, and friendly message to your customer at the right time. Timing is essential during special days like Black Friday. Sending an email at the right time allows you to keep your brand at the top of the mind of potential customers. Datatrics predicts and synchronizes the best time to contact a customer.

  2. Send emails to engaged customers. Make sure to send the right email to the right customers. Give something extra to your most loyal customers in the week before Black Friday to make them more excited for the Black Friday deal itself. For example a sneak-peek, extra discount, early-bird discount, etc. Make it as personalized as possible to create a positive customer experience.

  3. Make sure your Black Friday deal is not missed by enabling your customers to set up an agenda reminder. This is possible through sharing an ICS file (a file that makes it possible to share calendar information via email). In this case, your potential customers know exactly when your sale will start.

  4. Make sure your emails are actually opened by your recipients. Subject lines can make or break your email campaign. Therefore it is important to use a catchy and relevant line. Because the more people who will open your email, the more opportunities you create for conversion. At Datatrics you can do some A/B testing beforehand to see what subject line works best.

  5. Try to stay true to your brand colors and don’t use too much black in your email marketing. Many other brands will do that during this holiday and your brand won’t stand out this way. Also, make sure not to use too much text or images in your email as you only have a few seconds to convince customers to take action.


Logitech's example of Black Friday themed email marketing with a clear, simple, and friendly message. Source: BEE

3. Create a countdown timer

A countdown timer is a clock that is set to expire at a certain moment in time to show, for example, when an exclusive offer ends, a sale starts or a new shop opens. It communicates a clear message that if a customer wants a product, they must take action within the given timeframe.

Using a countdown timer in your communication around your Black Friday deals could be the last push someone needs to be convinced in buying your product. As it creates urgency and it focuses on the scarcity principle, it is a successful tool to use to create higher conversion rates. Urgency and scarcity in combination with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) during days like Black Friday is a golden combination for customers to make decisions faster and complete their purchases. 

Countdown timers can be used on websites to emphasize the urgency that stocks are running out, sales are ending, or to prevent cart abandonment. But this can also be followed up in email marketing. When you experience the case of abandoned carts, you can send your potential customers a personalized email where you show the amount of time left to still get the items for a certain price or with a certain discount, focusing on the sense of urgency again.


Example of a countdown timer on a product. If you are a Datatrics user and would like to implement this, you can find more information here

4. Cross/Up-Sell recommendations

Cross-selling and up-selling are strong moves to make when you want to take full advantage of selling more to individuals who are already shopping on your site. Especially on days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It is a great way to increase the average value of an order 

Ideally, you would recommend 3-4 products that go well together with the product(s) in the shopping cart. It is important that the products you show are relevant for the visitor. With Datatrics, you can also create these recommendations. See some examples below:


5. Include pop-ups

Keep in mind that there will always be online shoppers who are just strolling around on the internet and end up at your website for whatever reason. Even though they did not visit your website with an actual shopping intent, try to get their attention once they are on your website and try not to let them leave empty-handed.

With the use of exit-intent technology, you get a chance to get the attention of your potential customer before they go. An exit-intent is the intention of a visitor trying to leave your website by tracking mouse movements and scrolling behavior. A way to prevent this visitor from leaving your website is with the use of exit-intent pop-ups. A pop-up will then show up once the visitor’s cursor leaves the frame of your website. 

An often-used tactic of exit-intent pop-ups is offering a discount coupon to entice the visitor into making a purchase. For Black Friday, a special deal could be presented or even a free gift could be worth a try. We recommend you to create an exit-intent pop-up for your cart and/or checkout page. This will also reduce cart abandonment and eventually increase revenue. 


Example of a Black Friday themed pop-up

Key learnings

In order to increase the conversion rate, get more revenue, and have more customer engagement, it is safe to say that Black Friday is an important day for online retailers. Just to sum everything up for you so you can have a successful Black Friday 2021:

- Create a dedicated Black Friday landing page with the right CTA in order to generate valuable leads.

- Send clear and friendly emails to engaged customers with a catchy subject line.

- Include a countdown timer on your website or in your email marketing to focus on scarcity and urgency.

- Make sure you apply cross- and up-selling with relevant products

- Include pop-ups based on exit-intent to entice visitors into making a purchase.

We, at Datatrics, love to inspire you with examples of personalized websites, email marketing, and advertisement for Black Friday 2021. If you would like to know more about the possibilities, book a free demo now!